Backlit vs Front-Lit Letter Signs and Signage

One crucial ingredient in the recipe of making impactful business signage or signboards is lighting. If not the most cost-effective, business signage or signboards are one of the ways to advertise your business.

For one up-front expense, well-lit signage installed on your storefront can generate an incredible amount of impressions in no time — increasing the number of potential customers walking into your store.

There are two common ways to lighten up letter signs and signage; backlit and front-lit. Let’s talk about the importance of lighting for signage, the difference between front-lit and backlit signs, and the pros and cons of both.

Why Is Lighting Important For Signage?

Lighting is crucial for the effective use of signage. Depending on your business location, timing, and traffic on the road, lighting can be even more critical. If your business remains open in the evening and operates late till night, then having backlit signage or front-lit signs is a must-have for your business.

Illuminated signs are essential for two main reasons: to keep your signage visible around the clock and to make it attractive and easily noticeable from a distance.

Though signage is a cost-effective advertising method, the effectiveness reduces dramatically when people cannot see it clearly due to bad light. Front-lit or backlit signage remains clearly visible even in daylight and becomes even more prominent as the night starts — make your business prominent in your vicinity and give you an edge over your competitors.

The Difference Between Front-Lit And Backlit Signs

When it comes to lighting signage, two common ways are front-lit and backlit. Both types of lighting serve the same primary functionalities of improving the signage’s visibility when darkness comes around.

As the name suggests, front-lit signs are illuminated from the front. Front lighting gives a bold and prominent effect, making the signage clearly visible and ensuring that the different colors in the sign really shine through.

When a brand aims for a more ethereal and sophisticated appearance, it opts for backlit signage. It also goes by the name of halo-lit or reverse-lit signage. The light is installed at the back of the signage, and the illuminated background makes the signage readable from a distance.

Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Signage Lighting

Both types of illuminations come with their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Of Backlit Signage Illumination

  • Backlit signage illumination gives outstanding visibility with sophisticated appeal.
  • Backlit signage illumination gives great visibility all-round the clock, benefiting businesses that operate late till night.
  • Backlit illumination upgrades brand perception in the minds of your audience.
  • Backlit signage illumination has expanded life.

Pros Of Front-Lit Signage Illumination

  • Front-lit signage illumination lets different colors shine through properly.
  • It gives great visibility at night, making your business noticeable from a distance.
  • It makes your signage design attractive and flashy.

Cons Of Backlit Signage Illumination

  • It may not work well for signs with vibrant color schemes.
  • If you don’t maintain or clean the lighting regularly, it might create uneven illumination.

Cons Of Front-Lit Signage Illumination

  • Too much brightness can make it difficult to read the signage properly.

Which One Is The Better Option?

Typically, the decision to choose between backlit and front-lit depends on the facade of the setup and personal choice.

If there are no restrictions in the lease agreement, your decision should depend on the brand message you want to convey. If you prefer elegance, sophistication, and style, backlit signage makes a suitable option. Conversely, when your signage has a color-scheme, then the front-lit approach works better.

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