LED Light Box Signage Singapore - Everything You Need To Know About It

Having an attractive and well-thought light box signage can make a significant impact on your business. Call it light boxes, light box signs, box signs, or light box signage – there is no end of names. 

If you consider having business signage at your storefront or inside your store, then one of the options is led signage or light box signage. Let’s learn about light box signage, materials used to make light box signage, illumination options, and so on. 

What Is Light Box Signage?

A light box signage is simply a box with lighting inside it, and the front of the box adapts to the business logo, name, or message that you want to convey. 

You must have seen light box signage more often than you can realize. Light box signage is usually a combination of aluminum, acrylic, and Lexan material. Light box signage does an excellent job making visually appealing signage and an incredible promotional tool for your business. 

What materials are used for making light box signs?

Light box signage can be made using Opal acrylic material where the sign is printed. It’s a white translucent perspex material. The sign is printed on it, and the light inside the box makes the sign illuminate. 

How are light box signs illuminated?

Typically, light box signs are illuminated with fluorescent lights. These lights are installed within the box. Today, the majority of light box signage makers Singapore use LED technology to illuminate the box. 

What is the main use of LED light box signs?

You can use led signage or led light box signage for any purpose, including advertising your business, increasing walk-in sales, and increasing product resonance. However, the primary purpose or use of light box signage is to catch the passing traffic’s attention. 

What is the lifespan of LED light box signs?

The lifespan of LED light box signs depends on a multitude of factors. You can’t just put a low-grade LED bulb into a low-grade aluminum box and expect it to last ages in extreme weather conditions. When the overall exterior is tough, LED bulbs are of high-quality, proper maintenance is provided, and the color used in the signs is suitable for LED sign, then your LED light box signage lasts a long time. 

Does light box signage require expensive maintenance?

Once you have manufactured and displayed high-quality light box signage, there’s little maintenance required to keep it in perfect condition. Typically, maintenance is not expensive. 

When should you use light box signage?

There’s no restriction around when or where you can use light box signage. The fact that it’s an equally suitable option for both indoor and outdoor signage

When you seek any of the below features from your signage, using light box signage makes sense:

  • Attractive signage, even from a distance
  • Create a corporate presence
  • Appear professional
  • Consistently advertise your business
  • Mark your place
  • Energy efficient

Light box signage offers all of the above features and helps your business in a variety of ways. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for the top quality LED Light Box Siganage Singapore. We have been dealing as the premium service providers for the last couple of years, and know for our quality. Give us a call now!

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