How To Choose A Custom Signboard & Signage Design That Suits You?

Designing your own impactful business sign comes down to one thing: making it as catchy as possible. Think about it; if your business/brand doesn’t have custom signage hanging at the storefront, your potential prospects won’t even know that your business is there.

Here, you’ll learn about the importance of a custom signboard design for your business and the different aspects to consider when designing signage.

When potential buyers pass by your business, one thing that will get your business notices is the attractive and catchy signage of your brand. Whether you own a business and work with a company to help them build their business’s physical presence, you need to create a custom signboard design for them.

Having Custom Signage Design Is Important For Your Business Because:

  • Gives Better Exposure

With a custom and well-channeled signboard design, a business can stand out from the rest and achieve great exposure. A custom and good quality signboard design attracts more potential customers, reinforcing your brand presence in their minds.

  • Create Impulse Sales

A custom and well-designed signage hanging outside a business creates impulse sales. Along with creating impulse sales, it creates great brand awareness too. 

  • A Cost-Effective And Affordable Marketing Tool

Signs are crucial for any business, and when it’s designed thoughtfully, it can prove a highly affordable and effective marketing tool. An attractive signboard design advertises your business 365 days a year.

Different Aspects To Consider When Designing Your Custom Signage

  • Indoor vs Outdoor

Depending on where you’re going to hang custom signage, use the appropriate material. Take the surrounding environment into consideration and design accordingly. Make sure that the design pop-out and doesn’t blend with the background, and remains concealed.

  • Lighting 

Lighting is an important aspect. For businesses that are opened at night, they need to have back-lit or front-lit signs.
Illuminated signs make your signage board attractive and easily noticeable. By adding appropriate lighting, the visibility of the signboard can be increased around the clock. It attracts potential customers effectively.

  • Material 

There are many materials used to create signage boards. Some of the commonly used materials include Acrylic signs, EG metal, Bronze, Hairline stainless steel, Chrome, etc. The material being used affects the prominence of the design on the signboard. Choose the right material is of utmost importance!

  • Effect 

A signage design can be given various effects, including boxup, acrylic cut out, 3D lettering, paste on the sticker, etc. Understanding the psychological mechanisms by which signage influences behavior is crucial to achieving the desired outcome.

  • Size

The size of your signboard is one of the most important aspects to consider. It’s going to be bigger than the design of your signs on business cards and products. Some of the elements would need more attention than earlier. Ensure that the letters and images’ size and the overall layout are appropriate and simple for maximum impact. 

Are you looking for a professional signboard and signage design company in Singapore that can offer you premium services? Signage Singapore is here with the advanced technology to serve you with top-notch quality 3D signboards, neon signs, unipoles, indoor stickers, and much more. 

Make the right impression on your customers with Signage Singapore signboard & signage services!

why choose us

Signage Experts

With over 10 years of combined sign board and signage experience, we are more than equipped to handle any projects, big or small.

Consultative Approach

We take the time to understand your job specification and provide our professional opinion when needed.

Production Factory

We have our own production facility and control the end-to-end process from design till fabrication. For simpler installations, we even have our own in house installers.

Fair Pricing

As you do not go through a middle man / agent, our price is generally more competitive, and we price our signage fairly.

Fast Response

Time is money. At Signage Singapore, we focus on being efficient and yet effective.

Service Oriented

Although we are in the signage business, ultimately it’s customer satisfaction that helps us grow. We give priority to providing the best service to our clients within reasonable means.

how we do it

STEP 1 - Consultation

We’ll capture and assess your requirements and objectives, as well as perform a site visit, if necessary. Based on this info, we’ll suggest to you possible sign board designs based on our years of experience and expertise.


We will nail down and iterate your project specifications including signage design and artwork and the pricing for the project. Once agreed upon and accepted, our fabricators will commence work on your signboard.


We’ll start work on your project and typically takes 10-14 working days to complete the sign board, depending on the complexity of the scope of work.


Our production team will deliver, setup and install your signage. You won’t even have to lift your finger, literally.

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