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Choosing Your Signboard & Signage in Singapore

Signage works for businesses as it helps customers identify a business, helping businesses in branding and marketing. In fact, signage of your business can form your business’s first impression in the eyes of your potential customers.

In designing and creating a signboard for your business, the key to success is working with a professional company. You can find many signboard Singapore companies offering services, but not all of them live up to the expectations.

Do you want to choose the right signage company for your business in Singapore? If so, then follow the tips mentioned in this guide.

Why Is A Signboard Or Signage Important In Singapore?

With thousands of businesses competing in the same industry as you, the key to succeeding in Singapore’s markets lies in being distinctive and better than others. But how can you let your customers know that you’re better than others? Well, the solution lies in attracting them to your business and making them try your services/products.

Here are some of the reasons why is a signboard important in Singapore:

  • Build Customer Attention

Having attractive and beautiful signage and signboard design hanging outside your business is a smart and effective way to attract more customers to your business.

A beautiful, distinctive, and prominent signage lets you present your business in the best form of brand communication. Similarly, as you often judge a book by its cover, customers can judge your business by looking at its signboard or signage. It calls for you to be very thoughtful about its design and everything else.

  • Building Brand

When aiming for long-term success in Singapore’s markets, you need to work on building a brand. Even before entering the store, signage can help your business create connections with your customers — creating brand awareness.

  • Building Trust

Ideally, you would want your business to be reliable, praiseworthy, and trustworthy in the local market. Having attractive and professional signage, customers make positive assumptions about your business and more likely to trust it.

  • Making storefront recognizable

It’s your business signage that makes your storefront recognizable to your customers.

How to Choose the Right Company  For Your Singapore Signage& Signboard Needs:

When opting for a signage company in Singapore, here’s what to consider:

  • Professional associations

One of the biggest factors to impact your choice should be the professional associations of the signage company. Find out whether the signboard Singapore company is active in the industry or not and the variety of services.

  • Years in the industry

Experience matters a lot. If a company is relatively new in the signboard Singapore manufacturing space, it is highly likely to impact the quality of work relative to an experienced company.

Years in the industry mean you need to find out how long the company is providing signage services and its manufacturing experience.

  • Project management

A signage company should have an efficient team to manage your project. The company should work well on other side trades, like collecting your requirements, preparing project cost estimation reports, and communicating with you until the project’s completion.

  • Customization

The company should be able to provide custom signage according to your unique business needs and requirements. You should get your preferred choice of material, design, size, etc.

why choose us

Signage Experts

With over 10 years of combined sign board and signage experience, we are more than equipped to handle any projects, big or small.

Consultative Approach

We take the time to understand your job specification and provide our professional opinion when needed.

Production Factory

We have our own production facility and control the end-to-end process from design till fabrication. For simpler installations, we even have our own in house installers.

Fair Pricing

As you do not go through a middle man / agent, our price is generally more competitive, and we price our signage fairly.

Fast Response

Time is money. At Signage Singapore, we focus on being efficient and yet effective.

Service Oriented

Although we are in the signage business, ultimately it’s customer satisfaction that helps us grow. We give priority to providing the best service to our clients within reasonable means.

how we do it

STEP 1 - Consultation

We’ll capture and assess your requirements and objectives, as well as perform a site visit, if necessary. Based on this info, we’ll suggest to you possible sign board designs based on our years of experience and expertise.


We will nail down and iterate your project specifications including signage design and artwork and the pricing for the project. Once agreed upon and accepted, our fabricators will commence work on your signboard.


We’ll start work on your project and typically takes 10-14 working days to complete the sign board, depending on the complexity of the scope of work.


Our production team will deliver, setup and install your signage. You won’t even have to lift your finger, literally.

our portfolio

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